Our mission is to understand the products, processes and aims of our customers, to provide them with custom-fit stand-alone and integrated solutions. This requires not only understanding: strong partners also play a considerable role. We are therefore positioned internationally so that we can act fully independently of economic fluctuations of individual countries and industries. In the field of mechanical engineering, SpeMTec specializes in the economical delivery of complex systems. This sets us apart in the market.

In addition, we are known in the relevant markets for quality, ability to deliver on schedule, proficiency and manufacturing know-how.

Our clear, effective organization structures and working processes make us productive and profitable and enable our continued healthy growth. We always adopt a self-critical approach and continually develop as a rapidly developing, lean organization. Whoever believes they are good enough stops being good at all. A motivated and engaged team is obviously also essential, as well as a cooperative mode of operation. There is considerable room for implementing individuals’ ideas for the achievement of common goals. Yet a further important aspect of realizing goals is being an attractive employer and training organization with opportunities and further training possibilities.

We are stronger together and SpeMTec, with its highly qualified staff, realizes all client wishes thereby constantly achieving new goals.

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