In jig construction, it’s not only about being a professional partner but also about being a flexible partner. Getting everything from a single source is further important factor which saves on the number of communicate channels necessary. Especially when integration with existing processes is required, it’s vital to have a partner with know-how at your side. From simple structures to individually manufactured jigs, everything is planned, manufactured and assembled according to the client’s wishes. That means guaranteed success in integrating electrical, pneumatic as well as hydraulic connections.

Jigs that impress

Our highly qualified personnel produce every device requested by the client using cutting-edge CNC machines. Precisely tailored and optimized to the individual processes, these machines can improve each step in the process. SpeMTec is at the client’s side from the development stage right though to on-time assembly and installation, and sees itself as a partner for discussion and development in jig construction. At the same time, SpeMTec’s efficient processes with the very highest levels of vertical integration represent a huge advantage, particularly in jig construction. That is why we are a trustworthy system partner in so many areas and can offer our clients individual and tailor-made solutions.

Our expertise in jig and fixture construction includes:

  • Integration in processes
  • Turning devices
  • Tilting devices
  • Turnover devices
  • Positioning devices
  • Dosing devices
  • Calibration devices
  • Holding devices
  • Clamping devices
  • Fixing devices

In addition, an exceptionally high level of product utility set our client-specific jigs and devices apart. The functional construction is both easy to operate and cost-effective in terms of maintenance, and ensures that the jigs have long lifecycles.

With our know-how, we can offer individual, tailor-made solutions for either integrated projects or stand-alone requirements. Our clients can also rely on a quick and cost-effective maintenance service.

SpeMTec does not just represent a reliable service partner, but also stands for project delivery based on client and service needs.

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