SpeMTec are experts in mechanical engineering and know exactly what matters

Lowering costs, increasing productivity, secure systems based on the principle of safety first, quick and simple conversion, clocked synchronized production lines using one-piece-flow production, secure processes with proof of process capability, enduring and consistent quality, automated quality controls of every kind integrated into the process, and procedures for recognizing and identifying defective parts and documenting measurement values. Securing a competitive advantage through non-disclosure agreements is absolutely key in a globalized world driven by international competition. In the production of specialist machinery, special-purpose machinery and jigs, it is especially important to find customized, integrated or stand-alone solutions which simplify, optimize or automate processes. A strong partner is therefore vital, a partner with the required know-how and flexibility. Only with such an experienced system partner can individual solutions be achieved.

Our international clients come from a variety of industries and many of them are world leaders in their sectors. Each company naturally has highly individual requirements which need to be implemented with perfection.

SpeMTec designs according to client wishes

The diverse requirements from our clients require the highest precision. Together, we search for solutions, come up with new inventions and cater to the client's individual wishes. We develop and construct machines and jigs which are perfectly adapted to client needs to enable the optimal operation of production processes. Our clients get everything from a single source: SpeMTec does the development, manufacturing, finishing and the assembly. Comprehensive know-how as well as a high level of vertical integration makes us a valuable system partner.

Integrated solutions for mechanical engineering

SpeMTec delivers integrated solutions for mechanical engineering. We optimize existing systems with the same professionalism that we apply to the design and implementation of new systems. SpeMTec is also a trusted partner for optimizing production processes through automation. With our comprehensive know-how in manufacturing, control systems, and mechanical engineering, we find optimal solutions together with the client.

Many of them come to us ready prepared with drawings and designs and require a perfectly tailored mechanical engineering solution. We provide bespoke optimization and implementation of their plans. Even from a basic idea, we can also conceive individual client solutions to simplify, optimize, as well as automate processes.

SpeMTec is a dialogue and development partner

SpeMTec has comprehensive knowledge at its disposal as well as years of experience in the areas of

  • Plant engineering and systems optimization for existing concepts
  • System designs for specialist solutions
  • Automation technology
  • Control systems and switchgear construction
  • Deployment and programming of PLC control systems and CNC
  • Deployment and programming of robot systems
  • Deployment of sensor and camera systems
  • Systems networking
  • Deployment of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Production machines
  • Process optimization
  • Process automation
  • Precision machines

SpeMTec is therefore a highly valued system partner. Safety, handling and finding economical solutions are our priorities. From consultancy and the development of individually tailor-made solutions, right through to on-time assembly and installation, the system partner SpeMTec is always available to support the client.

In addition, SpeMTec has at its disposal an excellent partner network that prevents bottlenecks and ensures deadlines are met.

Everything from a single source, competence with a high degree of vertical integration

SpeMTec has effective, clear organization structures and working procedures which we continually subject to critical evaluation. At SpeMTec we constantly strive to improve our performance, products and organization. We put to use our years of experience and established methodological expertise, supported by the latest IT, developmental and monitoring systems. We examine internal and external feedback and keep a close eye on the market. We analyze the resulting knowledge systematically and translate it into action for improving processes. We are a rapid learning, lean organization.

We have countless options at our disposal thanks to our optimally positioned parts production with its extraordinarily high degree of vertical integration and all requisite production procedures, equipped with the latest CNC 5-axis simultaneous technology, own welding shop, electrical engineering design expertise and control system and switchgear engineering. Highly qualified and motivated staff ensure smooth running processes. Our staff are always at the highest technical level and receive ongoing further training so that clients are always expertly advised and supervised. Thanks to complete production under a single roof, SpeMTec can always act quickly and economically and, moreover, always with tight quality controls. Should a client desire any changes at the later stages of a project, we can respond flexibly.

With SpeMTec as your system partner, you’ll have guaranteed peace of mind.

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