SpeMTec is the mechanical engineering division of Schmidt Zerspanungstechnik GmbH and belongs to Otterbach Holding GmbH. SpeMTec specializes in mechanical engineering whilst Schmidt Zerspanungstechnik GmbH specializes in subcontracting. We thus cover a broad spectrum and, with our years of experience, are your partner for bespoke solutions.

We offer innovative solutions and custom-fit concepts!

The client's wishes are naturally our priority. We therefore offer innovative solutions that are perfectly matched to the client's needs. Many of our clients come from highly specialized industries which require individual and bespoke solutions. Our services therefore encompass not only consultancy and the development of custom-fit concepts, but also on-time implementation covering assembly and installation. We thereby offer our clients everything from a single source, from planning to implementation
Made in Germany!

We are a reliable system partner with the very latest manufacturing and control systems

A multitude of clients already value us as an expert system partner. Such clients are often international market leaders at the very top of their industries. They have their own products and considerable know-how regarding manufacture. Such core competencies are focused on products, their own processes and the development of machines and systems for the manufacture of their own products. For machine and systems construction, they look for a knowledgeable and reliable partner who can undertake the production of machines and systems using pre-existing plans and designs. This is where we come into play. Many market leaders trust in our expertise and understand that significant improvements can be gained by combining their own and our know-how in a shared “system partnership.” For us, being a system partner means working with the client right at the outset of the development process. We then provide consultation and support from early on, bringing our experience to bear already at the design phase. We assist in materials selection, scaling and dimensioning, and the creation of controls or control systems to link and integrate existing systems, all aimed at generating optimal, practical and economical solutions in the interests of our clients. For our clients we frequently produce specialist machinery and automated processes, and construct jigs, all manufactured with the latest technology and CNC machine tools of the highest quality. Such specialist machinery often needs to be integrated into existing processes with control systems, or even need to function as master control elements. We integrate robots, camera systems and any sensor technology, as per application and need, and no matter whether clients require one-off or batch production. We are available to support clients from beginning to end and provide the perfect solution, all from a single source.

Our know-how in machine and plant engineering

We at SpeMTec have a multitude clients from the most diverse industries. Many are worldwide market leaders confident in SpeMTec as a system partner. Together, we innovate and develop individual and bespoke machines and jigs due to the need for custom-fit and individual solutions for specific requirements. To this end, we put to use our years of experience, supported by the latest computer and development systems, an optimally equipped parts production using the latest CNC 5-axis simultaneous technology, and our own welding shop. Our quality, reliability and expertise, highly qualified and motivated staff, our own control systems and switchgear production, not to mention the possibilities stemming from a high degree of vertical integration, are all reasons why we are such a valued system partner.

At the very beginning of a SpeMTec integrated solution, we draw up a detailed plan according to the client’s guidelines. We are available to support our clients right through to assembly and initial start-up and provide everything from a single source – an obvious advantage. Our clients thus have a point of contact whenever any changes are needed or questions arise.

  • In addition, we are positioned internationally and can act independently of economic fluctuations.
  • Furthermore, we specialize in complex systems and mechanical engineering. Our ability to deliver economically sets us apart from other companies.
  • Clients know us for quality, flexibility and expertise, as well as for our ability to deliver on schedule. We always seek to make the impossible, possible.
  • At SpeMTec, we strive constantly to improve our products and organization. We examine internal and external feedback and keep a close eye on the market. We analyze the resulting knowledge systematically and translate it into measures for improving processes. Our effective and clear organization structures and working processes make us productive. We are a fast-learning, lean organization.

See for yourself what our know-how can do for you and discover the possibilities that we can offer for your industry .

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